FTP Hosting

Create and manage FTP sub accounts for your entire organization.

Provide selective permissions to the accounts you create.

Getting started with FirstCloudIT could not be easier. Start by signing up for a free account today.

Once your account is created, you can connect with out ftp server at ftp.firstcloudIT.com

First Cloud IT offers industry leading security and data protection. In addition to offering a complete stand-alone backup solution, First Cloud IT has layers of data protection features.

FTP Comparison

There are many advantages to using First Cloud IT's FTP hosting solution over standard FTP hosting services. Read below to see how we match up to the competition.

First Cloud IT
Leading FTP Service
Starting cost $30/mo - $300/yr , and includes our comprehensive cloud features $1,000 - $3,000 or more. Software, Machines, and setup will be separate costs
Setup Time A few minutes Can take several days
Our backup service is built-in so you can backup your FTP server automatically Backups must be created and maintained manually
Web Access Files can be accessed directly on FirstCloudIT.com Files can only be accessed within your ftp network
Client Software Our File Explorer, Backup, and Email Manager clients are all included Must be built by your own IT tea
FTP Server Performance Can be many times faster than regular FTP using caching, data compression, automatic resuming and MagicUpload technology. Regular FTP Server performance
File Encryption
on Server
Supports data encryption on server; also supports HTTPS/SSL/FTP over SSL. Doesn't support data encryption on server; might support FTP over SSL and SFTP.
Bundled Features Built on top of our custom cloud file server suite of features. Not included: Need to order 3rd party FTP feature service.

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